Carbon emission is increasing every moment

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2 min readAug 24, 2023

Carbon emission from the urban sector is going to rise to record levels in 2022. This would exceed up to 34 billion tons, which is far enough to pollute every sector ,Also, estimates of 2021 said that the global electricity demand has increased 4% more and that would increase 5% more in 2022. Particularly this increase would be fulfilled with the help of fossil fuels, new coal in the development of the world. The world has spent a lot of money on decarbonizing the environment. According to the 2020 estimates, the world has nearly spent $503 billion alone for this purpose.

carbon emissions

Factors that are responsible for carbon emissions

  • Fossil fuels combustion
  • Industrial processes
  • Lack of tree plantations campaigns
  • Deforestation
  • Land uses
  • No awareness among people for preventive measures

Carbon Emission Rate during the Pandemic times.

exit carbon and enter electric with

In the pandemic, the carbon emission rate slowed down a little bit. But it couldn’t be the best time in order to fade out the rates. Estimates are saying even if the pandemic pace a little bit this CO2 emission rate, still in 2022 to 2022 will break all the records of carbon emission into the environment. This news is going viral internationally that in 2022 to 2023 these rates would exceed up to 55 billion tons per year by more than a previous year.

Your choice can heal earth today

As being a part of this whole ecosystem you can do your part for saving our earth as well.

  • Again we are suggesting planting more trees.
  • Be part of various NGOs to promote plantations.
  • Switch to electric vehicles and commute through cities with zero tailpipe emissions everyday

We can save this environment together, so, stay tuned with us. And check out our regular updates regarding our mother nature and how we can help her.

We promote all preventive measures that help our mother nature heal. Being a part of this great ecosystem step ahead with us!

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