Ways to reduce carbon footprint.

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2 min readAug 23, 2023

We have covered the topics of what carbon footprint is and how it is calculated. Now, we need to talk about ways in which we can reduce our carbon emissions and actively partake in healing the environment.

We cannot possibly keep track of, control or monitor every bit of our carbon emissions. What we can do is be aware of how we contribute to it daily and try to reduce our carbon footprint to the bare minimum.

Some common ways in which we can reduce carbon footprint are:-

  • Driving more efficient vehicles- The next time you buy a new vehicle, consider a hybrid or an electric vehicle. Apart from being technologically better, they’re also much, much better for the environment.
  • Maintaining your current vehicle properly- If you’re not keen on buying a new vehicle anytime soon, you can still do your part by taking proper care of your old vehicle.
  • Taking public transportation- Instead of driving to work, take public transport. Share a cab, go on a bicycle ride to places that are close-by.
  • Using energy-efficient appliances- Look for energy star products that use energy in an efficient way. Switch to LED bulbs instead of incandescent or CFL ones.
  • Insulating your home- Insulating your home to lessen the use of thermostat, air conditioning or any other form of artificial temperature control will reduce your carbon emissions and cut costs too.
  • Using energy efficiently- Fossil fuels and coal, if used to generate electricity, emit carbon. We can contribute to carbon footprint reduction by simply switching off electric appliances when not in use.
  • Plant trees- We’ve all heard it too much, right? Think if we did plant a tree everytime we were urged to. It could have made a huge difference. Start now. Plant. A. Tree.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- Reduce your consumption. Reuse daily commodities. Recycle all that you can. DIYs are fun!
  • Offset your carbon footprint- By purchasing carbon credits, the money from which can go into projects such as planting trees or investing in renewable energy.
  • Be politically active- Start with yourself, but don’t stop there. Be conscious of your community’s carbon footprint as well. Voice your concerns. Elect candidates that actively support environmental causes. Bring the change.

When we think of someone who is conscious about carbon emissions, we picture a minimalist vegan who grows his own veggies, reuses his shower water, owns just one pair of jeans, but that is not necessarily the only way we can reduce carbon footprint. That environmentally-conscious person can be you, or me. It’s simple. Start today.

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